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English Fun for Kids: Shapes, Number, and Colours

🇬🇧English Fun for Kids🇬🇧

Now, what’s for today? We’ll have fun with our kids learning about:
📝Shapes, Numbers and Colours.

Earlier we have taught our children about numbers and colours, and tomorrow we’ll teach them some basic shapes. Let’s combine all three together, hopefully they will enjoy the fun!

To prepare, mothers need to prepare the flash cards and working sheets.


1⃣ Make flash cards by cutting a plain paper and stick a coloured paper with shapes of a square, a rectangle, a triangle, and a circle (picture 1).

Use these four cards to  talk about shapes (and numbers and colours, too!). For example:
“This is a rectangle. What’s the colour? Oh you’re right, it’s blue. Now these are called corners. How many corners does a rectangle have? Let’s count together… One, two, three, four! It has four corners! Can you find anything in this house that has a rectangle shape?”

…and so it goes for the othet shapes…

2⃣ To have more fun, prepare the colouring paper (picture 2). Let your children colour it in, according to the instructions.

3⃣ Combine shapes, colour, and numbers by preparing the last worksheet (picture 3). Prepare many different shapes in many colours. Let your children get busy ^_^.

now, we’ll talk about your experience with this activity. Of course you can also share the work by sending pictures.

Have fun!
Inay, Eva, and Astri.

📢 Announce ➡ mengumumkan, memberitahukan
Prepare ➡ menyiapkan
📝 worksheet ➡ lembar kerja
📒Plain paper ➡ kertas kosong
Coloured paper ➡ kertas warna
🔖Stick ➡ tempel
Basic shape➡ bentuk dasar
◾ Square ➡ persegi
💳 Rectangle ➡ persegi panjang
🔺Triangle ➡ segitiga
🌕 Circle ➡ lingkaran
Corner ➡ sudut
According to ➡ sesuai dengan, berdasarkan

While waiting you, sisters, we also prepare a song with its lyric about shape…
It’s fun to have your children sing together..

Hello mom and dad
I will sing a song, of shapes and corners i will learn today
There’s a triangle with three corners
There is a square shape with four corners
There’s also a round shape with no corners
All the shapes i’ve learned today


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