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English Time: Baby Rhyme

Assalamu’alaykum, hello there…
Who’s with us today? 🙋🏽
We are learning because we love to learn
Just sit back and join us
Rhyme time is a special time when you are communicating with your children.
you get really close to your little ones
you look into their shining eyes
and you say… words.
words that have nice sound, words that rhyme.
children really enjoy that.
and rhymes can also build their language skill!
plus, tighter mother-child bond!

Now, everyone, get together with your kids and make yourself comfortable at home…
(🇮🇩 ayooo buibu dan anak-anak kumpul bareng dan cari tempat duduk yang nyaman di rumah).

Have a nice try!
Here’s the rhyme for today:

🚗 Smooth road, bumpy road 🚙

Smooth road, smooth road, smooth road
Bumpy road, bumpy road, bumpy road
Rough road, rough road, rough road

1⃣ Sit down on a chair with your baby facing you on your lap.
2⃣ As you say ‘smooth road…’ move your lap gently to the right and left.
3⃣ As you say ‘bumpy road…’ rock your lap gently up and down.
4⃣ As you say ‘rough road…’ rock your lap harder (but not too hard,  please) up and down.
5⃣ As you say ‘hole!’ lift your baby then put him/her on the ground as if he/she drops (ensure you hold him/her all the time).
6⃣ Enjoy your children!
7⃣ Send your video, voice note, or photos of practising this rhyme today between 1-4pm, and we’ll discuss your rhyme time experience!

📖 Glossary:
great: hebat
road: jalan
smooth: mulus
bumpy: bergelombang/tidak rata
rough: kasar
hole: lubang
sit down: duduk
chair: kursi
facing: menghadap
lap: pangkuan
move: gerakkan
gently: dengan lembut
right: kanan
left: kiri
up: atas
down: bawah
lift: angkat
ground: lantai
as if: seakan-akan
drop: jatuh
ensure: pastikan
all the time: sepanjang waktu
practising: mempraktekkan
discuss: membahas
experience: pengalaman

– astri, eva, inay, nining –


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